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Bradley Cooper Uses Wealth To Help Friends

Fame hasn’t gone to actor Bradley Cooper’s head. He does not use his fortune on fancy cars or luxury homes but rather to help his friends get out of debt.

The Hangover actor admits that finding fame has been disorientating, but he hasn’t let his star status go to his head.

You can’t relate to having more money than you ever imagined or even know how to spend or invest. It’s absolutely luxury, I know that. But I don’t think I’ve let it affect the way I live or change how I think. I still live pretty much like a nomad in going from one film shoot to another.”

Bradley has made sure not to get carried away with being a celebrity.

 “I don’t collect sports cars or have ambitions to own my own private jet. Making a lot of money has enabled me to help some of my closest friends pay off debts, mortgages, things like that.”

Ever since popular movies The Hangover and Silver Linings Playbook were released, Bradley’s career has skyrocketed.

Everything’s changed,” said Bradley. “It’s been a complete life change, economically, logistically and then artistically. To have any sense of monetary security in this business is a bonus. You go into it knowing it’s probably never going to happen. So the fact that it’s happened is incredible. It’s afforded me the latitude to do other movies that you don’t really get paid any money for. And it’s what I’ve done between all three Hangover movies.”

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