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Beyonce Keeps it Classy, Disses Kim K

As anyone who follows Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s would know, Kanye West has been a staple in Kim Kardashian’s life—on screen and off.  Recently there have been multiple reports that Kim has been trying to get in with Kanye’s peeps, specifically Jay-Z and Beyonce.  During the Watch The Throne tour, Kim and Beyonce were spotted getting to know eachother, talking and dancing in the audience of many of their respective man’s shows.

But it seems that chumminess has worn out.  Beyonce appears to be distancing herself from the reality starlet.  At the BET Awards this summer, Beyonce and Kim were photographed sitting in the same row with Kanye and Jay, but on opposite sides of each other.  Anyone watching the event, or who saw the pictures, knows that B barely acknowledged Kim.

Now, new reports are claiming the mood between the two women has become increasingly chilly.  At the Made in America Festival this past weekend, both Jay-Z and Kanye performed.  Kim and Beyonce were both in attendance, however they stood at opposite sides of the stage cheering on their men.  Beyonce never acknowledged Kim during the show, and later while the foursome shared a dressing room Beyonce merely exchanged a few pleasantries before ignoring her completely.

Daily News reports,

“Eventually, the women “made small talk in the dressing room, but you could tell Kim was uncomfortable. She clung onto Kanye the entire time and didn’t say much,” according to a second source. (Kardashian) was talking to Jonathan, and Kanye was talking to Jay-Z and Beyonce,” the insider says, adding that Kardashian did tell Jay-Z how much she loved his show.”

It would appear that Beyonce knows how to keep it classy, and who’s definitely not going to help her stay that way.  Kim’s going to have to clean up way more than her wardrobe to gain the friendship of Queen B.

Queen B

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