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Beers4Breakfast – Bringing Community Back to Campus

Why did the Chief of Police in London, Ontario threatened to crash a college party? Western University in London Ontario is Playboy Magazine famous for their parties. However, you would think that the Chief of Police would have other matters to focus on. Why a party? Because the party in question could be the biggest London has seen. — And it will all be documented and then posted online when Beers4Breakfast brings the tour to London. Beers4Breakfast is about to trend hard online and on-campus.

Beers4Breakfast is a new online reality show that rates parties. The hardest parties that Canadian students and young professionals can muster up in their drunken and over-educated little minds.

So, are your friends crayy and outrageous? Like, make the Real World and Jersey Shore cast look like really well-behaved nuns crayy? Can you prove it by throwing the wildest house party in Canada? Beers4Breakfast is about to launch (September 26 to be exacted about things) and it will challenge Canadians to throw the best parties in Canada, while they bring in a DJ, host and video crew to document the preparation, execution, aftermath, and everything in between.

In an age where people communicate with friends via text, Facebook, and Twitter it seems that sometimes people forget the real reason why we have friends – to have someone to party with. Beers4Breakfast is an edgy mix of social media and real life community.

The first episode launches on September 26. And oh yeah, they’re casting throughout Canada now.

Ever hear the saying: “I live for the nights I can’t remember with the people I’ll never forget.”

Well, that’s about to change.


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