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Aubrey Plaza Kicked Out After Kanyeing Will Ferrell

If you happened to catch MTV‘s Movie Award fiasco last night, you probably know just how BORING the night turned out to be. After the glitz and glamor of the traditional award season, MTV’s jaunt can seem a bit tawdry. Host Rebel Wilson tried her best to entertain the crowd, but unfortunately a lot of her jokes fell flat. We love Rebel and she succeeded in making us laugh a number of times, however the audience seemed far less enamored.

All the usual acts came out, Selena Gomez performed a lack luster number that had us wishing she’d lip synced, Macklemore‘s performance was a highlight, and Bradley Cooper won Best Kiss with an absent Jennifer Lawrence. The only real interesting misstep came from Parks and Recreation‘s Aubrey Plaza.

While Will Ferrell was accepting his Comedic Genius award, Plaza ran up on stage and attempted to steal the popcorn out of his hand in an epic Kanye move (can we say how much we love how that’s become a verb?) Ferrell handled the situation like a pro, commenting that they’d planned it. Even if Will wasn’t in on the act we’re pretty sure Plaza knew what she was doing.

After running back to her seat, the camera panned onto her face. On her chest she had written a message for her new film The To Do List, and the audience at home was sure to see it. It’s pretty clear to us that Aubrey was planning her own little publicity stunt. Following the incident Aubrey was escorted off the premises, though we doubt she was too embarrassed. It seems to us like she accomplished her goal.

Other highlights from the night included The Hunger Games: Catching Fire teaser trailer, Rebel Wilson and her Pitch Perfect crew’s opening number, Zac Efron, and Emma Watson receiving her Trailblazer award from Eddie Redmayne and Logan Lerman.

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