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Andrew Garfield Found Spider-Man Love Scenes Hard

Andrew Garfield, the most recent actor to play our favourite web-slinger in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, found it hard to film romantic scenes with Emma Stone.

Emma plays Peter Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy, and in real life the pair have been dating for over  a year now.

The actor admitted to how difficult the love scenes were to BANG Showbiz at the UK premiere of the movie in London’s Leicester Square,

“The romantic scenes were hard as f**k, they really were so hard. But we got on with it and things have worked out great.”

Andrew found portraying the iconic Marvel character to be “very surreal” after dreaming of playing the role ever since he was three years old. He felt “really close” to the character by the time the movie wrapped.

It’s insane being Spider-Man because I’ve wanted to be him ever since I was three years old so I get to do it and it’s crazy to put on the suit and strike those poses and swing around.  I was given a lot of free rein to play him and I worked with all different departments to make sure all the physicality was specific. I worked with the special effects guys to make sure it wasn’t just a guy in a suit. I feel really close to it and proud with how it all worked. These movies have to be supported by true relationships. I hope it has something for everyone, because it’s just a great story.”

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theatres on July 3.

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