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Amanda Bynes Suffers From Schizophrenia Tendencies

Amanda Bynes has shown schizophrenic tendencies and wild mood swings in the L.A. hospital where she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

According to reports, doctors have already determined that the 27-year-old is suffering from a severe mental illness “with schizophrenic tendencies.”

The actress is currently under a psychiatric hold at a psych ward for two weeks, while her parents have requested  conservatorship. According to TMZ’s sources, doctors have determined that “there’s a good Amanda and a bad Amanda.” When Amanda talked about her bad persona, she mimicked an exorcism by pulling at her body and biting herself. TMZ’s sources claim that she was lucid for 10 hours, acting “kind, quiet and nice.” However, when the staff questioned her about the fire she started at a Thousand Oaks resident’s driveway her mood changed to frustration. She began to interrogate the staff about the whereabouts of her pet Pomeranian whom she had horribly soaked in gasoline. Then she was told that it was safe with her parents, Amanda claimed:,”They’ll kill it, just like they tried to kill me.”

It was unclear why, but Amanda was so incoherent and out of hand that she had to be physically held back. She was also  rooming with another female patient at the onset, but started berating and insulting her so badly that staff moved her to her own room.

Sad and scary. Hope Amanda is getting the best treatment possible.


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