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The Current on Airbrushing in Teen Vogue and Seven Magazines

You might have already heard that 14-year old Julia Bluhm, a Seventeen Magazine reader, petitioned the magazine to feature non-airbrushed photos on the social change website, Bluhm’s campaign was successful, Seventeen agreed to end airbrushing, in addition to body and face alternations. They took it a step further and came up with the “Body Peace Treaty,” which editorial stuff  vow to ensure the magazine enforces positive body image.

Next on the agenda is Teen Vogue. The Spark Summit has launched into action and asked Teen Vogue to follow suit. They focused on They have also started a petition, to which, Teen Vogue has not yet responded. Spark, an organization that aims to end the sexualization of women and girls in the media have put out the following statement:

“Teen girl-targeting magazines bombard young women with images that have been distorted and digitally altered with programs including Photoshop. These photoshopped images are extremely dangerous to girls like us who read them, because they keep telling us: you are not skinny enough, pretty enough or perfect enough.”


This is all great and everything but does anyone really read magazines anymore? Especially, young people? Will it really do anything to change unrealistic standard of beauty? Magazines have such little power in the world of beauty and fashion information nowadays…

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