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10 Celebrities Who Love Their UGG Boots


UGG’s have been around for a good few years now, the go-to winter boot for many. While some people hate them, those who love them really do make them work with absolutely anything: a trip to the shop in your PJ’s and UGGs; jeans and a chunky knit with UGGs; a nice winter dress and UGGs. Coming in many different colours and styles, there really is an UGG for all outfits. Even the celebs are at it. These 10 celebrities have been spotted out and about in their UGG boots on many an occasion, clearly loving the comfort and warmth of their good old UGGs. If you’d like to look like a celebrity you can grab yourself a pair from authentic Australian UGG boots from online stores such as UGG Express.

Gigi Hadid

As a huge star of the fashion world, Gigi knows what she looks good in, and has been spotted in UGGs, both on and off set. Here she proudly displays her baby UGGs on Instagram.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

I’m counting these two together, because here they are, together, shopping for UGGs, whilst wearing UGGs. Could there be any more UGG love? The TV personalities sport the UGG classic slim, and look great.

Lea Michelle

This glee actress has been wearing her UGGs for years, often changing into them before takes, but also wearing them outside of work with leggings and baggy jumpers for a quick trip to the shops.

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP proves it’s not just the kids that can rock an UGG. She is often photographed looking stylish and casual in jeans, UGGs and a chunky jumper. Sarah Jessica is someone that knows you can look amazing and keep warm.

Jennifer Lopez

Another sexy, stylish lady working her UGG boots, looking comfortable and warm in jeans, t-shirts and a classic UGG – she loves them that much, she’s brought mini versions for her children.


Even the queen of cool loves an UGG, often styling them with a mini skirt to show off those fantastic legs.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

This British model and actress also loves an UGG, and is UGGs new global ambassador. Wearing them with Jeans and shorts, Rosie proves that an UGG isn’t just for winter.

Cameron Diaz

This superstar actress looks glamorous and comfy, and has been seen wearing UGGs with almost everything including jeans, shorts, jumpers, t-shirts, big winter coats, even wonderful dresses in between takes on set.

Eva Longoria

This model and star of Desperate Housewives is another whose love of UGGs goes back years. She’s teamed them with everything from dresses to tracksuits. Rumour has it she’s even got her good friend Victoria Beckham to put on a pair.

Ben Affleck

UGGs aren’t just for girls you know. Ben Affleck loves his UGGs and is often seen relaxing in them on film sets.
So there we have it, everyone loves an UGG, from the new kids on the block, to the seasoned stars. UGGs have really withstood the test of time, and as these celebrities prove, they look good with absolutely everything. If you want to join your favourite celebrities, grab yourself a pair.

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