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When All Else Fails, Try the Ponytails

Bad hair day? No worries, pull your hair back into one of these chic up-dos!

The Modern ponytail: 

Brush straight hair and pull it all back tightly to secure with an elastic. Take hair gel or serum to smooth stray hair and create the sleek look! To add your own unique touch, finish up with a hair accessory.

This hairstyle will help highlight your features as a 2-in-1 style! (Perfect for that daytime & evening look!)


The Low Riding ponytail: 

Gather hair loosely at the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic. Secure it with a piece of ribbon to add a subtle touch of femininity.

The low riding pony is a great way to pull of that carefree look all while keeping that unmanageable hair out of your face all day!


The Side pony: 

Bring hair to the nape of your neck then to the side and over the shoulder. Leave it loose and add some curls for a softer look.

This 80’s inspired look will give you a super easy fix to a super bad hair day. Leave it messy for a more casual look or tame it for a fun girls night out!


The Ponytail Poof: 

Tease hair at the crown layer by layer. Continue doing so until you are satisfied with the volume. Pull hair back into a regular pony and gently manipulate and push up and secure with elastics and bobby pins.

The retro ponytail poof will add some volume to flat and dull hair.


The Super-Easy Double Pony!

Gather hair into a low half ponytail and secure tightly with an elastic. If you have bangs, feel free to bring it to the back. Take the remaining hair and tie the bottom of the first together.

Super quick and easy. Pull this together in under a minute. Tip: Turn it into a triple pony by tying yet another elastic to the bottom of the 2nd pony.


The “I just Woke Up” Pony:

Add some loose waves and tease! Pull hair back into a medium-high pony and your done. Simple enough?

Leave a strand or two of hair out to help frame your face! Enjoy!


Create your own ponytail by adding curls, braids, flowers, volume, accessories or whatever you like. Have fun with it and be creative!

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