The Cat Eye Makeup Trend

The cat eye makeup trend is a vintage look  inspired by generations of iconic women. The look dates all the way back to ancient Egypt where females would apply powdered malachite which formed a kohl eye liner. The winged look was much more dramatic back in Egyptian culture whereas now we’re seeing refined versions.


The retro look also dates back to Sophia Loren who was an instrumental icon behind the popularity of the cat eye. The academy award winning Italian actress was constantly photographed wearing the signature look. Audrey Hepburn was yet another celebrity to embrace the vintage trend.


The bold and beautiful look is still highly used in fashion shows and in everyday use. Hollywood stars like Adele and Taylor Swift have been pictured wearing the feline like design on numerous occasions. Take a cue from the two celebs by pairing the winged cat-eye with a bold red lip to intensify the glamour.


If you’re looking for a softer image then follow in Lauren Conrad’s and Angelina Jolie’s steps by pairing the eye trend with a nude lip to keep the drama solely on the eyes.



It takes a bit of prepping to perfect the cat eye. Here are a few tips to getting the best results.

 1)    prep your eyelid – swipe a bit of nude or shimmery eye shadow on your eye to take away any shine or imperfections

2)    use an eye lash curler – this is a very handy tool for this look because you want your eyelashes to look as long as possible, you can also add falsies if you want to enhance the dramatic effect

3)    outline the top of your lid with pencil eye-liner – this will help you when it comes time to add the liquid liner and will also make it easier to prevent any mishaps

4)    trace the pencil with liquid liner – liquid liner is the crucial product for the desired winged look; use quick and swift movements; create the winged look with a quick checkmark like line towards your eye crease

5)    load on the mascaraMaybelline has created a specific cat eye mascara with a curved brush for easy application; add several coats


6)    use a q-tip to erase any mistakes along the way

Are you a fan of the ongoing makeup trend?

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