Marc Jacobs Debut Make-Up Line (Only at Sephora)

Finally after a year of waiting, to all the beauty lovers and all the MJ lovers, Marc Jacobs’ debut makeup line is finally debuting on August 9, 2013. (In the US stores and online… Unfortunately the rest of the world is going to have to wait…)

The Marc Jacobs fall beauty collection will be available in collaboration with Sephora and will feature 122 products! Who’s excited? (Being an avid MJ fan + makeup geek, I am literally jumping for joy!)

Beauty products under this renowned international designer’s name, will be unisex (not seen much in the beauty industry yet) such as the brow tamer grooming gel (which Jacobs’ uses personally) and the concealer, so fear not guys… MJ got you covered too.

Unfortunately, this collection  will not consist of any skin-care products (as of now)! (But we can all still hope in the very near future that he will be expanding his beauty products.)

These 122 products will be falling under 4 categories: Smart Complextion, Blaquer, Hi-Per Colour, and last but not least Girl Approved, Boy Tested.

Smart Complextion will include: foundation, concealar and face powder.

Blaquer will consist of: eyeliner, gel-liner and anything around those sorts.

Hi-Per Colour will focus around: shadows, nail polish, bronzer, blush etc.

Girl Approved, Boy Tested will include: lip products and what not.

All of these high-end products are expected to only be the best quality, best formula and have the performance! With witty names, these high-defintion and colourful products tag along very high expectations with them

So keep an eye out for them!


What do you think about fashion designers branching out to the beauty industry?

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