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3 Super Easy and Fun Holiday Nail Art Ideas!

Say adios to Halloween costumes, pumpkin spice lattes, leaves and rain. Winter is quickly approaching. And we all know what that means: The holiday season!

What might seem far away right now, is actually just around the corner. So here’s a few holiday nail art ideas to get your holiday spirit pumping!

holiday nail art

Candy cane nail art is the simplest holiday nail look you could possible do right at home. Just paint a red base base coat, let them dry, and apply white diagonal stripes preferably using a nail art pen. Add some glitter or change up the colours for a little extra glam!  Click here for a fantastic video how-to!


holiday nail art

Here’s to the very “original” snowflake nails. Not only is this nail look super cute and very seasonal, it also happens to be very simple.. but maybe a little overdone. That’s okay though, because there is no such thing as overdone during the holiday season! Click here for an insightful how-to!


Last but not least, these super cute present inspired nails are simple, fun and classy! Add your own touch with it by adding your personal embellishments. Check out this video tutorial of how to perfect this holiday nail art look.

 Have another holiday nail art idea you dare to try? Share them with us! 

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    Jessica Adams
    September 3, 2015 at 5:08 am

    Gorgeous nail designs!! Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous holiday nail art ideas..! Will get the nail colors and try. It inspired me, I sure you will find your inspiration too!! This app will be extremely helpful for all the users on the community here –

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