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Emily Durham

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    Feminism: The “F” Word

    When I was fifteen years old my friends told me that I had a “thick frame.” Somehow this managed to have thinned out my frame of mind. Thick made me think…

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    The Truth About Working Retail

    When I was fifteen I printed off my wildly unimpressive résumé, put on my most professional jeans, and asked my mom to drive me to the mall. I applied at every…

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    The Four Friends Everyone Needs

    I once read about the concept of “friendship” and how all connections are temporary and that one should not invest into these “friends” that will eventually leave. In other words, this…

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    Phrases That Shouldn’t Phase You

    For as long as I can remember I was told to “chew with my mouth closed”, “sit up straight” and to “stop eating copious amount of chicken nuggets.” I was told…