Yogurt, The Secret to A Better Body?

I have always hated yogurt. It is the bacterial fermentation of milk. Not the most appetizing-sounding food stuff is it? The consistency, the gross aftertaste; it just didn’t work for me. I tried a few times over the years, noting the many health benefits and convincing myself that “this time I’d like it”, to no avail. Yogurt consistently disappointed me with its grossness.

However, an extremely physically fit friend of mine gave me the final push in yogurt’s general direction when he waxed poetically about its benefits to him and his chiselled physique. He downed at least 4 portions a day, and swore that it was what gave him his edge. How can one argue with that rock-hard logic?

On a mission to tighten my own abs and reap the seemingly heroic benefits of yogurt, I began to eat it daily. I opted for a light, organic vanilla option, and only one portion daily. I haven’t deviated from the vanilla out of fear that just one bad experience may cause me to fall back into my yogurt-hating ways. I don’t know that my serving of yogurt has much to do with my abs, but I do feel as though my digestion has improved, and I know that I’m eating a healthy snack, and as long as I feel as though I’m doing something good for my body, than that’s a reward in of itself.

For those of you considering adding yogurt to your healthy diet, for whatever reason, here are some encouraging yogurt facts.

  • Yogurt is easier to digest than milk, although my poor lactose-intolerant friends should still steer clear.
  • Yogurt, being a milk product, is a source of calcium, which is good for our bones and joints.
  • Eating yogurt daily has been shown to improve digestion by introducing a consistent stream of good bacteria into the digestive system, which can help improve its over-all function.
  • Yogurt is a good source of Folic Acid, which is a B vitamin that helps the body to produce new cells.
  • Yogurt is a source of Omega 3s. Our bodies do not naturally create these essential fatty acids on their own so we need to get them from our diets. These acids are essential for our body’s development and for proper tissue and muscle growth.
  • Yogurt is rich in protein, which makes it a great snack for after a workout as it provides the protein needed to rebuild and grow muscle tissue.
  • Most Yogurt is low in calories and fat.

So continue to love your yogurt, or be brave and try it again, because the health benefits are evident. Or just enjoy yogurt because you think it’s tasty. Either way, it beats a donut in just about every snacking category, and that rock-hard logic is difficult to contend with.

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