Wedding Ceremony Script For A Non-Traditional Wedding

A wedding ceremony script is peculiar to each wedding ceremony. But in the case of a non-traditional wedding, couples have created a modern traditional wedding ceremony script that’s specific to them.

There is a gradual shift by couples from holding a religious ceremony to a non-traditional wedding ceremony. This affords them the space to create a ceremony script that’s accepted generally but also reflects on their personalities and what they want.

Couples from different beliefs and religions can hold a non-traditional wedding ceremony. That is if they feel a traditional or religious ceremony script stifles them and does not allow them to express themselves. All they need to do is incorporate the most important aspects of the ceremony into the non-traditional wedding ceremony script.

There is no blueprint for this but below is a non-traditional wedding ceremony script outline in no particular order.

Im Glück

Wedding Procession / Opening Prayers and Welcome Address

The bride and groom march in or walk in to present themselves before the audience. After they seat, it is time for a little prayer. All that done, the officiant gives a little welcome address, talking about marriage. Something like:

“It is great that our families and friends, acquaintances and well-wishers are gathered here today to witness the marriage of the bride [insert name] and groom [insert name]. Marriage is an honorable and sacred step and we are glad that the couple will add another page to their love story by taking their love and commitment to a new level. A level called marriage where they will learn and grow with each other.  It is also beautiful that they choose to share this special moment of their lives with us present to love and support them in making this relationship work……………………………….. “

Wedding Reading

After the officiant gives the welcome address, the wedding reading is next. Now, this depends on the choice and personalities of the couple getting married. There is the option of poetry, music lyrics, literature or verses from any religious book they are familiar with. A popular reading is a UNION by ROBERT FULGHUM.

Declaration of Intent

At this point, the officiant will talk about the seriousness of marriage and how two people should marry only if they consent to it and not under duress. He will then ask the groom and bride respectively:” do you consent to enter into marriage with this person? ” The bride and groom will reply in the affirmative respectively.


Wedding Vows

In a non-traditional wedding, couples can write down their own vows for a better expression on how they feel. They can also take excerpts from love stories, poems or literature that best relates to them. Some couples may also infuse the traditional wedding vows. They will make a declaration to stay open and true, loving each other unconditionally and till their last breath.

Exchange of Wedding Rings

This is where the marriage joining begins. The officiant will bless the wedding rings and ask the groom to hold her hand and repeat after him some words. These, in a nutshell, includes using the ring as a symbol of the love they share and how the bride should take it around with her as a token of his love for her. That, as the ring is endless, so is his love for her. The bride will also hold his hand and repeat the same words. Some couples may want to fuse in some tradition, like the hand-fasting or burning of unity candles.

The signing of the Marriage License / Certificate / Other forms of marriage bindings

The couple then goes ahead to sign the marriage license or certificates before witnesses, some of whom will co-sign. There is also the ketubah and other forms of marriage documents which couples sign, depending on their religious or racial beliefs. This is where they become husband and wife.

Blessing of Marriage and Presentation of Couple

The officiant will bless the marriage and give a benediction, then he will say “as we witnessed today, the bride and groom are now one in matrimony. We hope and pray that their love story lasts forever. Henceforth, they are legally certified to live their lives as man and wife.

He will then face the couple and continue, saying “Therefore, by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride.”


This is a modern wedding ceremony script; although the non-traditional is simple yet deep. It allows the merger of different cultures. So if you desire a non-traditional wedding and you’re confused on how to go about it, the template above is a perfect guide!

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