Five Wardrobe Must-Haves to Stay Stylish This Spring

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Although the weather might still be cold and damp, spring is around the corner, bringing with it an assortment of vivid and exciting styles to make you feel fabulous when you are out and about.

Now is the time to replace your chunky knits and woolen jackets for lighter and brighter alternatives, and here are some of the style must-haves that you won’t be seen without in the coming months.

Silk Shirts

Retaining the smart look of autumn and winter shirts, silk shirts allow you to carry on the workwear trend into the warmer months. Silk shirts give your professional wear a beautiful twist, making your outfits look glamorous enough to wear into the evenings and giving every outfit a sprinkle of luxury that will make you feel like you belong in an old Hollywood movie.

Silk shirts usually come in a range of dazzling colors, although pastel shades, such as sky blues, peaches and pinks are some of the most popular for the blossoming spring weather.

Gypsy Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts return to the catwalks every spring season, allowing you to feel both comfortable and beautiful all summer long. However, now that many fashionistas are starting to pair maxi skirts with casualwear, wearing a classic patterned gypsy skirt with t-shirts, canvas trainers, and a leather jacket. This can give your ensemble an alternative, hipster look that can grab the attention of everyone around you.

Bright Patterned Scarfs

No spring season would be complete without your wardrobes overflowing with an array of colorful and eye-catching scarves in an assortment of flattering and bright patterns. Scarves make excellent accessories to pair with both professional wear, such as suits and jackets, and casual wear, such as spring dresses.

Not only can they keep your shoulders warm on chilly spring evenings, but they can also add color to otherwise bland or neutral outfits. If you are looking for a scarf for every occasion, Froxx offers a wide selection of scarves in stunning abstract and floral patterns.

Fitted Suits and Waistcoats

There is no need to ditch your sophisticated look when spring comes, with fitted suits and waistcoats quickly becoming on-trend. The vintage appearance of waistcoats may have last been seen as part of your festival style, but now the waistcoat is in fashion for many more people than just musicians. Pair your waistcoat with jeans, a loose shirt, or a fun tie for the maximum level of impact.

Colorful Leathers

Leather jackets, trousers, and skirts return every season to capture the imagination of rock and roll. However, in 2020, it is returning with a twist, with many people opting for colorful leathers to brighten their outfits and welcome in the warmer weather.

Although you might usually shy away from bold colors, primary reds, blues and yellows, as well as shades of neon, are now being paired with leather to create funky, unique outfits that can outshine the sun’s rays and catch the attention of the whole room.

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