Vitamin C and You


Vitamin C just happens to be one of the most effectual nutrients. While it is true that it won’t cure the common cold, the benefits of this vitamin can include protection against skin wrinkling, eye disease, prenatal health problems, cardiovascular disease, immune system deficiencies, and more. Why don’t we take a minute and explore some of the benefits that we can get from this vitamin?

Skin Care

There are products out there for skin care that use Vitamin C, such as OZNaturals Vitamin C Face Wash. The benefits of using products such as this include protection from the sun that is maximized, skin pigmentation that is more uniform, and stronger barriers in the skin against things like pathogens that can cause infections. Using these products on a regular basis can also cause an increase in the natural production of the collagen in the skin that is needed for that supple, smooth texture. There are even people who use products such as this who have reported a reduction in the tell-tale signs of aging – like lines and wrinkles. Additionally, Vitamin C can act like an antioxidant that will assist in reversing damage to the skin from toxins in the environment.

There are also many more reasons to use natural skin care products such as this. One reason is that there will be less of a chance of irritation. There is also less harm done to the environment. One of the best reasons though is that there are not any adverse effects.

Improving Healing Responses

Another reason that Vitamin C is good for your skin is because it can boost your immune system. Yes, skin has healing properties of its own, but the antioxidants that are present in Vitamin C can actually give them a boost. If you are using it on your skin regularly, you will notice that sunburns and cuts will heal faster than they used to.

Common Cold

We already said that Vitamin C will not cure the common cold, but what it will do is reduce the severity of the symptoms while it also acts effectively as an antihistamine that will lessen the effects of the cold. This can include things like aches, runny nose, and inflammation. It can also control the allergy that led to the cold. It will reduce the level of histamine and effectively shorten the length of the cold.

Hypertension and Blood Vessels

Researchers have found that people who take at least 500 milligrams of Vitamin C on a daily basis showed a significant reduction in blood pressure. This study was supported by the National Institute of Health and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Intsititute.

Vitamin C can also ensure that blood vessels are properly dilated. This will help in the protection against things like severe chest pains, heart congestion, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis.

Lead Toxicity

Using this vitamin can also help to dramatically lower the levels of lead in our blood. Lead toxicity can and does lead to a variety of developmental and behavioral issues, especially with regards to children who live in urban areas. This can lead to disabilities when it comes to learning and a lower IQ as well as to growth that is stunted. In adults, in can cause damage to the kidneys as well as to high blood pressure.

Weight Loss

Fruits and juices that contain Vitamin C have been proven to help people to lose fat and to maintain a weight that is healthy. Popular nutritionists and dieticians tend to include vegetables and fruits that are high in Vitamin C in their diet charts due to there being scientific evidence that has shown that eating foods rich in the vitamin on a regular basis can help significantly when it comes to losing weight. In fact, it has even been found to lower insulin. This means that instead of your body storing sugars and turning it into fat, instead, it will use it as a fuel that will lead to you losing weight.

Prevention of Gray Hair

Vitamin C can help to combat against hair loss. It can also help you to retain your natural color because it prevents against the hair aging prematurely.

Now that you know some of the benefits of this vitamin, you need to ensure that you are taking the recommended amount on a daily basis.

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