Unique Ideas for Ladies Night Out

It’s always great fun to get the girls together and when you plan the perfect night it will go down well and they won’t want to wait until the next one. All of the ingredients to a good night out will come from the fridge, the wine cabinet and the sound system but when you mix these up in the perfect way your gal pals will love it.

First up, buy an odd Groupon deal experience without a second thought. It could be wine tasting, sushi making or something even further out there but as long as you have fun doing it it’s something to talk about. Your friends will appreciate that it’s not an activity that they usually do and they’ll have fun learning a new skill. You’re also saving money by buying from this budget site and everyone can chip in for their part of the event. Narrow the products down by area and you’ll be sure to find a unique new thing to try near you.

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Playing with makeup isn’t just an idea for kids, there are plenty of women that enjoy watching makeup tutorials and practicing their skills together. Some will already have a few favourite YouTube gurus and if you all bring items of makeup then you can follow along with the tutorial together. You may learn a few tips and tricks and it’s the perfect precursor to hitting the town. Sometimes our cosmetic skills can get a bit stagnant, so if you’re tired of wearing the same eyeliner eyeshadow combo each day then this could be a way to branch out a bit. You’ll also get to have all of the girly fun of makeovers and you can experiment with others’ products to find out if there’s an alternative to a product that you’re using.

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Have a seasonal night where everyone must come dressed up according to the theme. Festive nights out are fun and you can get all of your friends wearing their Santa hats and Christmas jumpers. Check out a recipe for mulled wine and have this festive treat ready for the girls coming over before you hit the town. You don’t need to take the Christmas accessories out with you, you can just accessorise subtly with nails or shoes to carry the theme on all night long.

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A casino night can add the perfect amount of glitz and glamour to an otherwise ordinary evening. Set up a roulette wheel and some card games to bring the idea to life, make sure you have plenty of chips on hand as your guests may want to play the high roller. Get this night started with a bang by keeping some Prosecco or Sparkling Wine on standby, you can splash out and add Champagne into the mix if you like but a little bit of fizz can be more affordable with the former. If you really want to make it a night to remember then rope in the boyfriends to act as the dealers and serve as your butlers.

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Having a pamper night can be the top of every girl’s wish list and you can combine this with a night out too. Visit a spa or make your own home spa to get your skin glowing before getting dressed up to paint the town red. You can make these scrubs yourself, which is ideal for any friend with allergies, and you can make up a base scrub that your friends can then add what they want to. Coconut oil, sugar and essential oils will help them create a product that they love and you can give them mason jars to take the excess home with. Having a couple of bottles of wine to hand and some relaxing music will complete the experience and help destress before you start with hair and make up for the evening.

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All of these ideas are great to make your night pop and you can add them as a prior event to a night out or make the night revolve around them. Whichever one you pick, it won’t be boring!


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