The Trouble With Chick Flicks

Most of us girls grew up watching Disney princess movies. The story almost always centers around a damsel whose only way out of distress is to find her true love. Those girls do go through a lot, so a happy ending is deserved but as little girls we are never given a chance. We expect to find a man who is brave, loyal, handsome and has a castle. Then you grow up and start watching a different kind of fairy tale.. Romantic Comedies.

Whether you admit it or not, everyone loves chick-flicks. They may not have the best acting or scripts but there is something about their fluffy plots and beautiful stars that we all enjoy.

It can give you hope about your own love life or distract you from it. For a moment you could pretend that you are the loveable, single, unlucky-in-love female lead who runs into that handsome stranger. There’s a lot of witty banter and a good soundtrack. She’s sad for a few minutes until the big finale, this usually takes place in the rain or a train station etc. etc.

But that is not how things work. It’s doubtful that we receive any public revelations or apologies. Your boss isn’t Hugh Grant and your doctor might not be Matthew McConaughey. The movies we watch raise our expectations in men and blur our realities. The heroines in these films aren’t always the best role models either.

It is important that we only turn to these movies for entertainment. It is important to be optimistic and have hope, but remember that most of the situations in these films are unrealistic. You are just as fabulous Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Aniston or Kate Hudson and worthy of a hunky leading man. But your love woes won’t be resolved in 90 minutes.

So let Chick Flicks do what they do best : make you laugh, cry and have an excuse for a Girls Night.

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