The Confident New Year You

The way you are perceived by others starts with the amount of confidence you have in yourself. A healthy amount of confidence will make you happier and can make you more inclined to succeed. Too much confidence however, can be perceived as a way for you to desperately hide your faults. This New Years, make it your resolution to hold more confidence in yourself with the confident New Year you:

1 – Dress for Success

Clothes alone will not get you to where you would like to go, but it is a step in the right direction. The esteem you gain through your appearance reflected back by the way people notice you will translate into confidence you have in yourself. Frequently bathe and wear clean clothes. And remember: quality over quantity.

2 – Improve your Gait

Your gait is how you carry yourself as you walk. Rather than slumping your shoulders in a tired display of sluggish motion, walk with swift, deliberate strides with your chin up. You will be surprised at what this can do for you.

3 – Improve your Posture, too

Just like the way you walk, the way you stand should be just as establishing. You always hold your ground, even when there’s nothing to hold it against. Straighten your back, raise your head, rear your shoulders and pin them back – all’s well.

4 – Recognize the Greatness of Others

Complimenting others puts you in a positive state – something that is essential in building upon your confidence. Before you can realize the greatness within yourself, you must first find it in others. If not, then you are vainly attempting to cover the strengths you lack. It’s also nice to brighten someone else’s day.

5 – Focus on your Strengths

You have a lot to offer the world, you just have to remind yourself of that. Don’t forget to be thankful for what you do have.

6 – Front Row Experience

Many people with a lack of confidence have a fear of being put on a sort of display or even to be noticed at all. When viewing live presentation or attending classes, lectures, or any form of public speaker, sitting in the very front row can help you overcome this fear. In overcoming this fear, you won’t mind being noticed. Now, you don’t have to become comfortable with being the center of attention, but being noticed will surely heighten that confidence of yours.

7 – Speak your Mind

You’re probably worried that someone will dismiss your opinion as stupid or invalid. People are generally much more accepting and open-minded than we believe them to be. In order to trust in yourself, you must be ready to trust other people.

8 – Contribution leads to Confidence

Instead of focusing on what you want, try helping others achieve what they want. The more you focus on the rest of the world, you won’t see your own flaws as much. It also feels great to help out.

9 – Look Lively

As previously stated, how you look does affect your confidence. It may be enough to change your style of clothing, but you may also want to eat healthier and work out more. The most common New Year resolution is to work out and lose weight. This is difficult to keep up and is not a “must”, but you may find it useful to become a healthier person. Being healthy also makes for a happier life.

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