The Art and Science of Blogger Outreach

Businesses want to reach out to their target audience for various reasons. The number one reason is, of course, to sell the product or service. On other occasions, businesses might want to share a story about their new brand launches, brand extensions, etc. In all these activities, blogging plays a very important role. Several companies employ bloggers to reach these objectives, but they are always standing up to an invisible wall: the challenge of reaching out to the right influencers and bloggers.

  • Companies use blogger outreach programs to meet their objectives.
  • In these programs, brands tie-up with bloggers to spread their messages

Blogger Outreach: Kinds and Characteristics

Generally, every blogger outreach program comprises a sponsored post or a product review. HubSpot defines the latter as a post that a brand pays for on a particular social media platform. Sometimes, the brand hires an influencer to post a message for the brand on that platform. The objective is the same in both kinds of sponsored posts: reaching out to a wider target audience. Sprout Social defines a Target Audience as a group of people sharing the same behavior and demographics.

Some blogger outreach programs are about unbiased product reviews. Brands give out free samples, etc. to bloggers, and in exchange, ask for an impartial review. Bloggers can write a blog post, create a vlog or a plain YouTube video for the brand. Of course, this exercise involves those influencers who are well known in their area of expertise. Do brands find their desired bloggers easily? That is quite a difficult activity and might require external resources. One company that connects bloggers with brands is

Best practices in blogger outreach programs

Picking the right blogger for your outreach program can be a tricky business. There are more than a million bloggers on the internet covering a range of topics. Choose a blogger whose target audience is the same as yours. What is the age of his blog? How many followers does this blogger have? What are the engagement levels? Is he an authority on his subject? Once you have got the right answers, reach out to your prospect with a clear and concise message.

Since influencers receive hundreds of emails daily, your message to your prospect must stand out clearly. It should resonate your brand’s Unique Selling Proposition. What makes your brand different from the others? Your email should clearly list down all the expectations and the resultant benefits. In short, create and email as if you are typing your resume. Please remember, the blogger is also a brand, and they would like to enter into a win-win partnership. Once you have figured all these things, it is time to take the next steps.

Build relationships

Lastly, brands should build lifelong relationships with their bloggers. The foundation of any relationship is trust. If you have promised something to your blogger, follow up with that promise. Finally, if you are a small business owner, be creative while pitching at your blogger community. If it is difficult for you to churn out bright ideas, it would be worthwhile to hire a copywriter who can write compelling emails to the blogger community. However, it would be a better idea to connect with blogger outreach companies directly to save time.

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