Sure Signs That He’s Into You

Everyone is curious about whether that good-looking guy they saw the other night (or see every day) is into them. The things to pick up on are not obvious at all, so it’s important to notice the subtleties if you want an answer. These are the sure signs that he is into you:

1 – Enjoys and Seeks Your Company
If he’s into you, he’ll want to be around you often to do just about anything. It could go as far as a date on the weekend or something as simple as watching a movie with him at his house. If this is what you like, then equally look out for his company,as well.

2 – Calls for No Reason at All
Typically, there’s a rule for how many days to wait to call after the first date. The rules tends to be different for different people. But this guy who may or may not be into you may call for no specific reason. It could be to say “hello”, to ask you how your day was or some other basic excuse. This is a contributing factor for sure, though it may sound quite obvious and cliché.

3 – He Makes the Time for You
Not many people have spare time anymore, definitely not in this fast-paced modern world. A man who really likes you will sacrifice the time to spend it with you. He’ll make plans before or after work and will fill his free time with you. If this is the case, you can spark the flame by doing the same for him, despite how busy you may be.

4 – He Maintains Eye Contact
This one might be a bit obvious, but it still stands. Eye contact is the universal sign of interest. When you speak, he will look right into your eyes. Other guys who have a shallow or sexual interest will probably not even bother looking you in the eye. So be happy that this man does just that.

5 – He Has Talked to His Friends about You
If he’s interested in a long-term relationship, he’ll definitely tell his friends about you. They’re his friends, after all, and he shares very important things with them – particularly his best friend. He will want to meet your friends, as well. Furthermore, he will show friendship with them but will save his affection for you.

6 – Gives You Undivided Attention as You Speak
Body language is very telling about one’s feelings. This isn’t just in eye contact, but lies in the way he reacts to you. When you say something, you instantly have his attention. He may even lean towards you. He makes no defensive actions such as crossing his arms or legs. Mirror these actions to show the same undivided action and be open.
7 – He Touches You Often
In a very respectful way, he may come into contact with you. He’ll touch your arms to get your attention while he’s speaking to you, or he’ll rub and pat your back reassuringly, and even when the time is right, he’ll hold your hand. These are signs of intimacy as well as respect. If you feel comfortable with this affection, then perhaps you would like to show the same love.

8 – He is Interested in What You Are Interested In
Again, if he wants to span this out into a more of a long-term relationship, then he will take interest in your hobbies. If you are into painting, maybe he’ll come with you next time you go to the gallery. If you dance or play sports, he may come to your shows or games. Do the same for him ,as well.

9 – He is Encouraging
When you tell a joke or come up with an idea that your mutual friends don’t like, he’ll find it funny or  clever. This is because he feels the need to encourage you regardless of whether he agrees with you or not. Some guys will do this just to impress you – or worse – to get in your pants. But some guys will also do this because they genuinely care about you.

10 – He Notices Even the Smallest Things
Whether it is a haircut or something as small as the way you have done your make-up that night, he will be the first to see the change. This observance of you is a show that he is very interested in you. Don’t feel insecure or under constant watch, he will notice the great things about you. Make him feel great as well by  touching his arm or asking if he works out, “because it shows”, etc..

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