5 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

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As we’ve hit the mid-August point, the hottest season is unfortunately coming to an end. School is just around the corner and sweeter weather will be here in no time. But don’t get your hopes down just yet – there are still a few weeks left of summer and you should take advantage of the nice weather while it’s still here! Here are some ideas on what to do before Summer 2012 comes to an end (if you haven’t already)!

casablanca 5 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

  1. See an Outdoor Movie

Watching a Hollywood classic on the big screen outdoors is the perfect way to spend an evening downtown. It’ll be fun to go with your friends or with a date. Best of all, it’s free! Several parks in downtown cities should offer a different film each week. Search online to see what your city has to offer. You can watch a movie in theatres any time of the year but outdoor movie features are available only during the summer months. Remember to bring a blanket and some snacks and enjoy!


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2. Go to a Waterpark

If you live in an area that doesn’t have summer weather all year round, then your nearest waterpark will only be open for a little while longer! Show off that bikini body you’ve been working on while you still can. Waterparks are a great place to get in touch with your inner child. Dare yourself to go on the steepest slide or just relax all day in a lazy river.


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3. Eat on the Patio at a Restaurant

This sounds simple enough but it can be a special dining experience when you’re not able to do so for over half of the year! Eating great food under the sun with friends or a guy will become great summer memories once the season is over. For a little extra fun, go to an expensive, high-end restaurant and just order an appetizer or dessert.


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4. Go on a Road Trip

If you’re on summer break, go on a road trip with a few friends! Even if you’re working, go during the weekend or on your days off. If you’re feeling really wild, go on a road trip across the country or even to a nearby town that you haven’t visited before. Visit different tourist attractions and see what another town has to offer! Don’t stay cooped up in your community the entire summer. Now’s the time to travel and experience.


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5. Do Something Reckless

Go out and do something crazy, whether it’s something like playing hide and seek in a public building or pushing someone into a pool or eating a ‘delicacy’ like chocolate-covered insects. Use your imagination, but please keep it legal. And if you get reprimanded for doing something reckless, just blame it on the heat.