How To Help Someone Suffering With Mental Health Difficulties


Do you know someone that is suffering with their mental health? Mental health issues like anxiety and depression are on the rise around the world and yet it is still something that people are reluctant to talk about, which means that people often try to hide the difficulties that they are having but that can only make matters worse. If you know somebody that is suffering then it is important that you know how to help and to show your support. Mental health issues can be incredibly isolating and difficult to cope with by yourself, so it is important that people know how they can help.

Offer Support

The first step to take is simply to offer your support. Sometimes the best thing that you can do for someone going through a difficult time with their mental health is just to say that you are there for them and to be someone that they can talk to. You should be a good listener and avoid trying to fix the problem – people often say things like “get out more”, “try harder” and “snap out of it” which are not helpful at all and shows that you do not understand the nature of mental health conditions.

Educate Yourself

Leading on from this, if you do not know much about mental health, then you should educate yourself as this can help you to empathize and understand how the person is feeling and why they are acting like they are.

Suggest CBD Oil

Many people suffering from mental health issues are turning to CBD oil and studies have shown that this can be effective by helping people to feel calm, and it can also help people to sleep (something that many people with anxiety suffer with). CBD oil for depression and anxiety is certainly worth suggesting for short-term relief because it can be effective and has fewer potential side-effects that most prescribed medications.

Make Sure They Are Seeking Help

It is good to be someone that they can vent to and discuss their problems with but mental health conditions need to be dealt with by a mental health professional. You need to make sure that they seek out professional help as this will be the most efficient way to overcome the problem and manage the symptoms.

Make Plans But Understand If They Cancel

Those that suffer with mental health problems often want to go out and socialize but find it incredibly challenging. Keep inviting them to events and make plans with them but be understanding if they cancel. They may have been working themselves up for the event all week but then simply not felt up to it on the day. Remember that they will be feeling bad about themselves in this situation so make sure that you show your understanding and continued friendship.

It is hard to see someone that you care about suffer from mental health issues but it is remarkably common. The stigma is fading, but more needs to be done, so you should show your support to your friend and follow the above advice to help them to manage this difficult period.

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