Shop and Save by Cutting the Middle Man!

We all understand the aspect of a business. The seller generally buys the product directly from a low price manufacturer (who is usually located in China) and marks the price up significantly. How can you avoid literally handing over money to the middle man? Buy directly from the manufacturer!

If you’re not already familiar with eBay and AliExpress, you should be.  They have become my best friends for the past few years.  Buying everything directly from China has saved me a SIGNIFICANT amount of money! For example, all those cute iPhone cases you see being sold in Best Buy or those little kiosks in the middle of the mall sell their merchandise anywhere from $10-$40.  I’ve purchased the EXACT same cases online for less than $4. (That gold iPhone case/sticker pictured above cost me $3, compared at $25 in stores).  Or another example would be those hair extension clips that regular beauty supply stores sell for $7 for 6… I’ve purchased the same exact clips from eBay, 40 for $4.  Beginning to see where I’m going with this?

Though purchasing directly from Hong Kong isn’t the best thing for economy, it’s definitely a good thing for your bank account!  Also, the chances of you having the same item as one of your friends is very slim because it’s been sent from so far away! The only rules I have for shopping from overseas is: Don’t buy anything that requires electricity or anything that is to be consumed or put onto your skin, and don’t spend more than 20% of the product price on shipping (you can do better!).

Though we’re avoiding the middle man’s markups, we’re also avoiding the middle man’s testing facilities to make sure the product is safe.  Be careful, but have fun!

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