How To Plan The Perfect Destination Hen Do


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Organising a memorable hen do is the responsibility of the maid of honour and the bridesmaids. More and more brides are opting for a destination hen do where the bride travels with her friends to a new destination and celebrates her hen do over the entire weekend or more.

The destination hen do trend is a really popular one and seems to be the ideal choice for those looking to have more than just a night of hen do celebrations. If you want to plan a destination hen do for your bride friend, and she has agreed to the idea, then here’s a step by step guide to help you plan the hen night smoothly.

Prepare a Guest List

To move ahead with any concrete decisions regarding the hen party, you need to be ready with the list of people you are going to invite. Sit down with the bride to be, discuss and finalise the guest list. Since you are planning a destination hen do, you might want to keep the guest list short and limited to only very close friends. It’s easier to manage and coordinate with a small group of people when travelling for a hen do.

Hen Do Dates

Once you’ve got the guest list ready, sit down with the hen gang and decide on the dates of your travel. Don’t forget to check in with the bride to be about her availability on those dates. Also, do not plan a hen do too close to the wedding. Give the bride some time to get over the hen do hangover and get back to her daily routine before the big day. So, preferably, plan a hen do at least two to three weeks before the wedding.

Don’t Forget About The Money

Fixing a budget is very important when you’re planning a hen do. You should discuss with the entire hen gang and fix a budget that is suitable and comfortable for everyone. Remember that not everyone earns the same paycheck as you, so don’t make someone spend more than they can afford. The aim should be to organise an affordable yet fun hen do which isn’t heavy on anyone’s pockets.

Picking a Destination

While browsing through hen party destinations, pick a location that’s falling under your budget and is also to the bride’s liking. The dates of your travel are going to play a big role in deciding the destination for your hen do. Check the weather conditions of the destination on the dates you’re travelling and also check for any special events on those dates that you might want to attend. Most importantly, make sure it’s a destination the bride would love to go to.

Reservations and Bookings

You should make the bookings of your airport transfers and other transport arrangements in advance. Advance bookings of hotels will get you cheaper deals than last minute bookings. So don’t wait for the last few days to make your hotel reservations, the same goes for flights as well. The moment you finalise your hen do dates and destination, finish booking your flights and hotels.

Arrange for Hen Night Activities

A hen night is incomplete without hen do activities and games. Sit with the hen gang and brainstorm some hen party ideas. Come up with fun hen games and harmless pranks to play with the bride to be and add a fun twist to the hen do. You should arrange for these in advance too, because it might be difficult to arrange for pranks and games at the last minute once you’ve reached the destination.

Destination hen parties are a popular trend among brides and bridesmaids. It’s way better than a one night hen party. It gives more time to the bride and her friends to bond with each other and have a memorable time exploring a new destination. If you decide to throw your bride friend a destination hen do, start planning the trip and making arrangements well in advance for a hassle free and smooth hen do.

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