Four Money Saving Tips for Your Next Holiday

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If you are looking to book a holiday or already have one booked but you are in a tight financial situation, there are many ways you can still enjoy your holiday whilst not spending as much as you would usually. Holidays are there to be enjoyed, not to worry about money! Here are four simple money saving tips for your next holiday.

Don’t Buy New Everything

We are all guilty of spending far too much on new clothes when going on holiday. Often these items will never be worn again as we don’t get the weather in the UK. Think before you buy: is it worth the price to be worn once? Whilst it may be nice to wear new clothes on holiday, it isn’t essential. Look through your wardrobe first at what you do have and then ask family and friends. It might be that they have pieces they have also only worn once and would love for you to get some use out of it! If you really want some new statement pieces, look in charity shops or on apps such as Depop or Vinted.

Change Your Money Before You Go

If you change your money at the airport, you are going to lose out on a lot of cash. The exchange rates here are worse than anywhere else in the UK, so ensure you change your cash well before you go. Some countries also deal in a few currencies, so do your research and find out which is the best one to invest in to get the most out of your money.

Find a Friend to Care for Your Home

If you have pets, going on holiday can cost a fortune as you need to put your animals in a kennel. If you have a family member or friend who would be willing to visit or stay at your house while you’re on holiday, this could save you a lot of cash. If there isn’t anyone around and you are struggling with the kennel bills, perhaps it may be worth taking out a short-term loan. Nobody wants to cancel their holiday because they can’t foot the kennel bills and you won’t get the money back you have already paid for your holiday. If you are struggling, you can even get loans from a loans bad credit direct lender like BingoLoans. This means you do not have to worry about being turned away if you do have bad credit.

Utilise Public Transport

Whilst it may be easier to hop in a taxi to the airport, booking a train far in advance could save you a lot of money! Most main cities such as Manchester have direct trains to the airport and Trainline allow you to book well in advance, with tickets costing under a fiver if you live in the city!

Don’t allow money to ruin your good time! Save before you go, and if something is getting in the way, then consider a short-term, manageable loan, no matter what your credit score.

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