Things No One Says About Love, Dating, and Relationships

College Relationships

College might be the freest and most carefree point in your life. Typically, students have little financial responsibility, few bills, and no regular job. You will meet great people, socialize, and fill life up with every type of social event imaginable. College is the place to engage in new experiences, find the liquor(s) you can handle and hopefully some sort of understanding of your place in life (if you find none of this, that’s fine too, there’s always grad school). If are hanging out at home on a Friday night, watching a movie with a guy means, you are missing out on unforgettable experiences and you might not get the chance to experience again. You will probably spend most of your life with a guy. College is the place for find your brides maids, not your groom.

50/50 Rule 

When you are in a relationship, you are basically signing up to not get what you want 50% of the time. There are two people in a relationship and they aren’t always going to agree. In the end, it will go your way, probably roughly 50% of the time. Compromise is key in relationships but it sucks. Like really sucks. It’s definitely something to think about.

3 Billion People 

TV and Movies have given us the impression that we will find our true love in the small town we grew up in. What are the chances that you will find the love of your life in high school? There are 6 billion people out there.

Sometimes, the problem is you. And that’s okay. 

“It’s no you, it’s me,” and all of it’s variations is the king of relationship lies. Even if I have everything wrong with me that could possibly be wrong with me but I’m dating someone who is amazing, then I want to stay with that person.

It’s completely fine to be the problem in a relationship and it’s completely fine to be broken up with. Being single is powerful. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you aren’t alone and being single doesn’t mean you are alone.


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