Ideas for Earning a Second Income

Ideas for Earning a Second Income 1

Whether you are saving up for a holiday, need some additional income to pay bills or want a new career venture, there are plenty of ideas you can consider for getting a second income. You never know, what starts off as a part-time venture could turn into a career or business opportunity, later down the line. Here are a few ideas for you to think about:


If you have creative skills like design or writing then you could make some money from it by signing up with a freelance website or looking out for freelance jobs that are advertised. You can even do admin type work as a freelancer, design PowerPoints for people, edit videos… the list of skills required is growing all of the time. So sign up for a freelancing website and see if you can get some extra income from your skills.


If you are fortunate enough to have some capital, you could invest in property by buying unsold auction property that doesn’t sell at your local property auction. Alternatively, you can look at getting a buy to let mortgage to get started and then rent the property out. A lot of property investors make money by buying auction properties and then spending a bit of money getting a house done up and then either selling it on or renting it out at a profitable rate after mortgage, tax and other costs are taken into account.

Ideas for Earning a Second Income 2

Dog Walking

How about getting paid for fitting some exercise into your day? Many dog lovers are quids in after taking up a bit of paid dog walking. If you have a dog of your own to walk, then it makes perfect sense to bring another pooch or two along for the walk and pocket a bit of extra cash.

Become an eBay Entrepreneur

eBay is a great way to make money by selling unwanted items to people. As the saying goes – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And it is not just about selling items that you no longer want, lots of people actually buy items that they know are worth more or can raise more in an auction with the intention to then sell them on eBay. Some people even buy items on eBay and then resell them on, becoming experts at winning auctions and getting bargains. You just need to be aware of the charges you will pay for using the service when you are selling items.

An important part of becoming a successful eBay entrepreneur is building up seller ratings to build up trust in your products. There is even a marketplace function on Facebook that you can sell items on, or join one of those Buy/Sell/Swap groups without paying any fees at all.

Delivery Driver

Numerous delivery companies employ part-time drivers to work in their own selected hours to deliver goods for them. So if you have a driving licence and you are happy driving around for a bit of additional income then that could be the ideal second income opportunity for you. Take a look on the standard job sites to find out if any companies are recruiting delivery drivers in your area or you could contact companies directly and ask them to keep you in mind if any roles come up in the near future. A lot of the more flexible delivery driver jobs will require that you have your own vehicle to enable you to make the deliveries, so check that out if you do not have your own vehicle and make sure you make any insurance changes that you might need to.

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