A Guide on Engagements and Rings

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Some of the most watched videos on YouTube in 2018 were engagement videos. Some of these videos have millions of views, which explains the importance people put on engagements, especially well-thought proposals.  In all these videos, there are two significant similarities.

First, all engagement videos constitute people who are in love. Love and relationships are one of the most written about concepts for centuries. Some of the most popular literature books are on love and relationships. Proposing is, therefore, one of the best ways to express romantic love.

Second, in all these engagement videos, there is always a well-thought concept. Although different cultures have specific guidelines on proposal ideas, there is a similarity in all these engagements. There is a consistent emphasis on rings, and the more the ring is beautified, the more the YouTube views and the more people can relate.

How do you select a ring for this special occasion?

This is one of the most asked questions by many people looking forward to an engagement. Unlike other occasions such as weddings, the ring selection, in this case, is supposed to be a private affair. The freedom to select which ring to purchase comes with its share of confusion. If you live in California, however, Diamonds Forever San Diego will make sure you make the perfect engagement ring choice.

The only thing you are supposed to remember is that different people prefer different type of rings. Some of the most common types of rings include the modern type of rings, colored stones, antique, and classic rings. For the best selection, doing a background check of what your partner prefers is one-step to a successful engagement. There are many approaches to knowing what they prefer. For example, asking family and friends is unmatched in getting the correct information.

In addition to establishing their ring preference, knowing their ring size is important. There is nothing as awkward as your partner saying ‘YES’ and the proposal ring is too big or cannot get on their finger.  Thanks to technology, it is easier to classify rings sizes. Most ring selling outlets classify ring sizes to avoid the above scenario. This simplicity is selecting the ring number does not replace the importance of knowing one’s ring size.

How to plan for an engagement party

After you have selected the perfect ring for this occasion, the next important thing is to ensure that the engagement party is perfectly organized. The following are some tips on planning this special occasion.

  • Pick a date that has significance to your partner or both of you

The date selection is one of the most important factors that can either make or break the engagement party. You can either select a date that has a lot of significance in their lives, such as the day they graduated, or settle with their birthday party. The main goal here is to make the whole process in line with their best moments. The only thing you should ensure is not to overshadow important things in their lives but to compliment. For example, proposing on their birthday should not overshadow their birthday celebrations but should spice them up.

  • Select a venue that is in line with their character and preferences

The venue choice should have a significance to both of you. There is a misconception that the venue should be sophisticated and expensive. Although expensive venues are also beautiful, the main goal while proposing is to select a place that signifies a phase in your lives or a place they have always wanted to go. In this case, you are not only raising their chances of saying yes to your proposal, but also fulfilling their fantasies as far as the venue is concerned. There are many ways to know which spaces are on their bucket list,  and if you can afford it, all the better.

  • What kind of people should you include?

The number or who to include in this important occasion is an important factor to consider. The golden rule is to understand your partner’s view on crowded spaces as opposed to secluded spaces. If they love spaces with many people, it means that proposing in a coffee shop is not an issue. Alternatively, if your partner loves their spaces free of many people, proposing in a crowded place is a bad idea.

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