What Every Girl Dreams of in a Marriage Proposal


When it comes time to pop the question, most guys are understandably going to be extremely nervous. Unless you have spoken of marriage before and it is understood that one day you would make it official, there always remains that little hint of doubt in the back of your head. You want her to say yes with everything that’s in you, but will she? Instead of worrying about exactly how you want to ask her and the words you want to say, why don’t you first take a look at what every girl dreams of in a marriage proposal? Then go from there. Put your own special slant on it but always with her wishes in mind.

Don’t Give It Away Too Soon!

So, you’ve gone out and found the very best engagement rings Dallas has to offer and you’ve made reservations at the finest restaurant in town, complete with a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon waiting at the table when you arrive. That’s a good start but actually, you might be giving it away! Choosing the perfect engagement ring is alright, but going overboard at the restaurant might be that over-the-top hint that something big is about to happen. This is especially true if you don’t often frequent restaurants of this caliber. Instead, think of someplace more intimate that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

Always with the Element of Surprise

That’s what most girls want. They want to be taken totally off-guard so they can remember the ‘shock’ for the rest of their lives. They want you to spring it on her when least expected so make sure you find a setting that won’t offer any clues. Do you go to the beach regularly? What about your favorite park? There are a number of places where you can set just the right atmosphere without giving her warning of what you are about to do, or ask in this case.

Romance Is a Must

If you are not an overly romantic kind of guy, you might want to temper the romance a bit but all the while knowing it’s a must. Perhaps start the date in the ordinary way but as it draws near the time to pop the question you might want to turn the lights down, put on a soft recording in the background of a song that’s special to you as a couple or even light a candle for ambience. Just don’t lay it on too thick, too soon. That’s a giveaway every time.

Don’t worry about being nervous because every girl expects her prince charming to be a little anxious as the moment draws near. Actually, she’ll look back at your uneasiness in years to come and it will bring a tender smile to her face. Remember, every girl wants to be surprised with a romantic proposal. Don’t ask her while out jogging around the block or going through the local Burger King drive-thru. Make sure it’s totally unexpected and always with a hint of romance.

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