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Fall Fashion – The Male Perspective


It used to be that figuring out what fashion was appropriate to wear in the fall was fairly simple.  By the end of August the weather would start to cool off, we would put on our lighter sweaters, wear heavier jackets, and choose darker and more subdued colors to match the autumn season.  However, the last couple decades have seen the weather in August, September, and even parts of October become warmer and warmer to the point where it’s just too much to go the more traditional route.

So what do you do?  The first thing is to get a long term weather forecast for your region.  This’ll give you an idea of what your options are, with respect to how heavy the materials you could wear and, how much you can do layering.  By taking this step it’ll allow you to identify gaps in your closet in terms of what you’ll need to get you through the fall until the weather cools off.

Part of what makes things so tricky is that even though it may be pretty warm outside, the leaves are changing color, many of the plants have withered away, and the option of wearing your colorful summer clothing may not be the best of choices.  However, for most people the clothing they have that is more appropriate for fall colors is just too heavy to wear.  Usually, all that’ll be in the closet is a couple things which will work.  Add to that the limitations of your budget that you’ll have for getting fall clothing and it can get a bit tricky.

However, the one thing that’ll save you is the ability to do layering during the fall season.  It’s a common practice and it means you can go out and buy a shirt for instance, that it isn’t made of the heaviest materials, wear it in the early fall, and then in the later fall wear it under a sweater in order to keep warm.

With the fall usually comes a greater amount of rain, so you’ll want to make sure you have a rain resistant coat that’s simple, functional, and under which it’s possible to wear something heavier when it gets colder.  With an everyday coat the adage the simpler the better is usually true.  For a special occasion even an everyday coat can be dressed up with a scarf and other accessories.  However, if you feel the everyday coat won’t be sufficient for dressier occasions, if your budget allows it, you can always get something else that you can wear for those other times.

One issue that can cause problems is footwear.  While boots may be needed for rainier days, they’re almost always too warm to wear indoors.  Thus, just as is necessary during the wintertime you’ll need to keep a change of footwear that you can use while at work.

Gloves are also a very important item needed for fall as the weather can suddenly become colder with the onset of a rainstorm.  The cold you’ll experience is different from the winter as it’s a damp cold, so the gloves don’t need the same level of thickness, but they’ll need at least a thin liner in them to keep you warm.

Using color in your fashion in the fall season is also radically different compared to the other seasons.  Some of the best fashion looks for the fall are usually ones that use an understated amount of vibrant color.  That’s why you may see sweaters that are primarily black or another darker color with a bit of brighter color mixed in, either in the sweater itself, or through the use of an accessory.  In a lot of ways fall is more restrained fashion season, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it.

The other interesting aspect of fall fashion is that often out of all the seasons it seems to be the time of year that has the least amount of fashion change from year to year.  The cut of the various clothing that’s popular may shift, but typically there is always that subdued nature to it.  Consequently, it’s pretty easier to re-use your clothing from yesteryear and not seem out-of-step with today’s fashion.  So from that perspective at least fall fashion can be a little easier on your wallet.

When you really examine fall fashion closely it can be a bit formulaic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own and add an individual stamp to it.  Just remember less is more and go with the flow when it comes to bringing your own unique approach to it.

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