The Most Exciting Date Nights for Pre-Existing Couples

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If you’ve been with somebody for a while, you may consider yourself lucky if every date is as exciting as your first few. Some people want to try and recapture the butterflies they previously had and one way to do that is by changing your regular few date ideas to something a bit more exciting. Here are some ideas to help you go for dates that are both different and exciting!

Go to an Animal Shelter

This is definitely not a regular date idea, and animal shelters aren’t too hard to find! It’s quite romantic to look at animals, but this is especially so if you have been together for quite a while. It invites you to discuss which pets you’d like and who knows… maybe you’ll walk out with an adopted friend!

Go looking for fireflies

Fireflies are probably the most romantic insects (which isn’t saying much), and if you are lucky to have them occasionally brighten up your night, you may be near a firefly habitat. Fireflies are nocturnal and love long grass, so if you see fireflies at night you could go to a huge field in the middle of nowhere and run through. If fireflies are dwelling there you will see them all light up.

Get in the Christmas Spirit

A different date idea is perfect for the start of the Christmas season. If you take a drive or walk around your neighborhood with your partner and discuss your Christmas past, present, and future, you can learn a lot about each other and enjoy getting each other excited for what many consider to be the best holiday of the year.

Enjoy an evening on a Boat

Boating as the sun goes down is romantic, no question about it. You can load the boat up with a picnic hamper and a couple of drinks and let the waves relax you both. Buying a boat is probably out of your date-budget, but if you tried a boating date and decided you both love the experience, you could consider a boat club, which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of owning a boat without the maintenance and insurance fees. It provides you with the opportunity to boat all year round, anywhere in the U.S, so is perfect for longer dating weekends.


True love can make your stomach feel like it’s turning over and over. Do you know what else can? Trampolining. Imagine the physiological thrill of combining them and going on a date to a trampoline park! Basic psychological research suggests that if you combine something that increases your fight or flight response with something else you start to associate the two, which is why theme parks are often recommended as a first date. Trampolining might not be as thrilling as a theme park, but the principle still stands.

Finding ways to keep dates as exciting as the first one was can be a challenge, but it is one of those challenges where what you put in can really help you in the long run. When you’ve been seeing somebody for a while even planning a date together can be a fun way to spend your time.

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