Don’t Change For Anyone

Have you ever just looked into a mirror and wished you could change the person looking right back at you? Maybe if you were slimmer or taller, someone would finally be interested enough in you and give you that happily ever after that you always dreamt of. And as we are bombarded by what the media and magazines describe as beautiful, most of us find flaws within ourselves that make us feel ugly and inadequate. In the end of the day, most of us will want to change our appearances and personalities, as if it’s the solution to have someone fall in love with us.

But if you are reading these very words right now, than I’m asking you not to change unless it’s a change for yourself. There is no such thing as a perfect way to look or a perfect way to act. Though in our minds, we all have this expectation of what this perfect person is like, most of the time, the person we end up falling for is someone we least expected. We will come to realize that we fall in love with people not because of their looks or even the little things they do, but rather because of how they manage to make you feel inside.

So please don’t change for anyone. No matter how ugly you feel sometimes, don’t do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with because you will never be happy with yourself like that. Be patient for that person who will make you feel beautiful without you having to change one single thing. Wait for that person who realizes that your beauty lies within what makes you unique and every little thing that makes you who you are. Don’t change because you’re already perfect and someone out there is looking for you. Don’t make it harder on them to find you by pretending to be something you’re not or they might pass you by accidentally.


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