Choosing the Right Clothes for Summer


The scorching heat of summer demands a completely different approach to outdoor clothing. You need to wear clothes that help you remain free of sweat as long as possible. If not sweating too much and not developing skin rash are two summer objectives besides appearing stylish and light in fashion, then we can help you with some useful tips for choosing the right summer clothes.

Embrace cotton fabrics

As for choosing the fabric material, there is nothing like cotton as it easily absorbs the body sweat helps evaporating with passing air. Cotton is great fabric material to dry your skin quickly and prevent the deposit of sweat that can cause bacterial infection and skin rashes. It is the most breathable fabric choice to help you appear fresh, light and airy. As for fashion cotton is used in the widest variety of garments for both men and women. For men and women Ralph Lauren offers an extensive collection of fashion wear with cotton fabric.


Go for light shades

Some colours are really cool for summer as they absorb less heat than darker shades. This is why shades like white, sky blue, yellow, beige, etc. are so popular for summer fashion wearable. Unlike dark shades they do not trap heat inside garments and help you feel a lot better while wearing even in scorching heat. Ted Baker offers a great selection of women’s summer tops in light hues.



Patterns dominate typically men’s summer outfit as they add a kind of smartness to the look without being too heavy for the overall look and feel. Without indulging into plaids and florals, just simple patterns coupled up with soft pastel shades can help you sport a new summer look. To accompany perfectly, lightweight summer twill pants can be a great choice.  Jack Wills offers huge Patterns of summer outfit.

Embrace loose clothes

It is already an established summer fashion principle to avoid wearing tight clothes that restrict air passing inside the clothes. In this summer look for airy, loose outfit for outdoor wear. When choosing loose clothes always opt for lightweight, breathable and airy fabrics like cotton, twill and linen.

Denim still can’t be beaten

However lightweight fabric you choose, one can’t resist his preference for dark wash, indigo blue denims for outdoor wear. Washed denim coupled up with cotton tees or linen kurtas can just deliver ideal outdoor fashionable look to both men and women. As the scorching heat continues to become unbearable, you can lighten up you can also go for those custom treated hand-aged denim offering a further lightweight look and feel. Soft cotton chinos and cotton shorts can be easy picks for men in summer but denim outfit always stays on top of priority for some people.

Choose your accessories wisely

Finally, let us be clear of one thing. Summer fashion requires also a carefully chosen range of accessories. If you are despising neckties, you can always opt for magnetic collar with your formal outfit. Women can choose light comfy breathable casual outdoor footwear instead too strict pin-heels.

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