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Advanced Hair for Advancing Age

Age often calls for changes in style to suit the evolution of the face itself. Today, women across all age groups are aware that one does not need to be young to be beautiful nor is youth the store of all innovation. Here are is a guide for hairstyles across the age groups of forty and above.

  • 40, the new 30

Not everyone has to have short hair once they hit their forties. It is a popular decision to make, however, forty has become the new thirty and by this time, a person’s personality is solid and well defined. It is important to let the hairstyle reflect the personality and this can be achieved without much difficulty.

If the woman’s personality is sensuous and has inherent sexuality, then waves which start below the collar bone can make wonderful impressions. If one is active and still athletic, then a shortened sleek look would do well to improve their features.

It is important to care of hair as it gets brittle with age. Hot-oil treatment once a week and a trim every six weeks can help hair remain healthy. Salon supplies available at can help do certain procedures at home itself.

Look to layer your hair as it gives it additional body which hair needs after thinning. If you do have hair which is coarse; it can be made heavier by letting it grow and then thinned out by a razor cut or through layering.

This is the time to try applying colors, highlights and other crazy ideas. Forty does not mean someone turns boring, try something different, go a couple of shades lighter or a couple of shades darker.

  • The 50s

Once again, women above the age of fifty should be dissuaded from cutting their hair short. If hair is still healthy, it should be grown out and it looks brilliant. The shoulder length cut looks appealing on all women or if that’s not your style, then you can consider a bob.

Often staying relevant to younger people is something which depresses people and makes them turn towards even more drab styles. However, coloring your hair and getting a chic and modern hairstyle gives a funky appearance that can make people double-take.

Once again, layers would be ideal and one can even go for one-length under layers. This makes hair look voluminous and looks great when dry. Hair should also not be heavily styled as that can add age to one’s look. Instead, it should be layered in length. What many women know and many women are finding out is that a lighter shade of hair color can remove a couple of years from one’s face. It is best to take advice from a stylist for such projects though as they will know what would work best with one’s skin tone.

  • The 60s

At this point of time, short hairstyle including spiked hairstyles are a great look. The face is framed and the best features of the face are highlighted. They’re also very low maintenance however, it is not necessary to cut short your hair.

Silver hair can be worn very sexily. Not every woman embraces her natural hair color but it is important to do so. Blondes can opt for grays which are softer colors as compared to browns. However, for dark haired women, a dark base and light highlights is the best option.

Avoid the stereotypical old-lady salons and go to the swanky new ones where the younger generation goes. Ask them for advice and let them help you, they will provide some freshness instead of putting your head inside a helmet after adding curls close to your scalp. The new salons also have the latest products, these new products really help in giving hair that additional edge.

Longer hair can be worn as well but it needs to be thick and healthy, if hair is slightly thin, then consider a medium cut near the shoulder.



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