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How to Achieve the Beach Babe Look

Have you always loved the beach culture but never quite managed the look? Do you look like you have stepped straight off a tourist bus or do you swelter in your inappropriate beach attire when relaxing by the sea? Whether you were born and breed at the beach, want to up-the-anti on your beach babe look or are hoping to change your style completely, these hot tips will help make sure you’re the hottest beach babe around.

AU NATUREL: Beach Babes usually have the natural look. Go easy on the makeup and lippy and try bare feet or thongs instead of your fancy stilettos! The casual look is one of the best tips to remember. Under-dress to impress at the beach!

BEACH HAIR: Beach hair is the best hair! If you want to pre-beach your hair before arrival, try a home-made salt spray or a curling wand for volume. Alternatively, wash and put your wet hair in 4 separate buns the night before. You’ll wake up with beach hair that will turn heads.

ACCESSORIES: Whether it be sunnies, beach bags, a beach towel or even a surfboard, the most important thing for the beach babe is to look the part. Big sunnies, colourful, oversized bags and a surf ware branded beach towel may be all you need to look like a local. If you really want to impress, bring a surfboard. It doesn’t matter if you can’t use it, just pretend the waves are too small!


SWIMWEAR: This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make on your plight to become the ultimate beach babe. Please, leave your Olympic training one piece at home! To really beach it up, get skimpy! Try a Brazilian cut bikini or if you’re really brave, slip on a g-string. If you’re not happy baring all, then it’s all about cute, summery patterns and colours. Get noticed this summer!



BEACH CLOTHING:  Never forget that your out-of-the-water gear is just as important as your bikini when you’re at the beach. The ultimate beach babe look the part on the sand and on the street. The key words for this season are short or flowing. Leave your tight fitting dresses for the night clubs and beach it up with a maxi-dress or kaftan. Patterns are huge this summer and colours are everywhere. If you’re not a dress girl, playsuits, short shorts and skirts are always a winner and cute printed singlets and T-shirts will finish it off.


SHOES: Flats are the only way to go at the beach. Thongs or cute sandals will compliment your casual, natural look and will make it a lot easy to trek across the sand in search of your ultimate beach dude!

Carla is a swimwear stylist at Carla Swimwear, a leading Australia store. Carla is also a regular fashion blogger and loves offering style advice. You can find more of Carla’s style tips here or visit her Facebook page.

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