50+ Post-Break Up Songs. For the Sad & Angry. To Inspire & Empower.

Break ups are rough, there’s just no easy way to get over them. Your heart aches and everything around you is a constant reminder that you’re no longer with him and you instantly start tearing up even if it’s “just a TV commercial”. I’m no relationship expert and I’m definitely not a relationship counselor, but I have gone through breakups of my own, more importantly I’m a girl-friend and I have experienced and helped my girl-friends go through their breakups as well. It doesn’t matter who broke up with who, or whether you want to get back with your significant other, or you want to be single, I know every girl reacts differently to break-ups and all situations are different. You might be tearing up right now, you might want to beat the hell out of him, or you just want to go out and dance, in all cases I’ve got it covered.

So whether it’s chugging vodka and jetting off to Mexico with your closest girlfriends like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, or confining yourself to solitary and devouring chocolate and Ben & Jerry’s, you just do you whatever you need to do. But in the mean time, I’ve compiled a list of songs to help you through your break up, if you’re like many girls I know who feel moved and inspired by music and its powerful lyrics, then listen up! You don’t have to follow each playlist, obviously you can skip one if you’ve moved past it, or you can always go backwards and listen on repeat, it’s up to you, as long as you come out feeling better than ever when you’re done.
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