5 Date Night Essentials You Need To Have

Date night (1)

Dates are fun! Or at least, they should be fun. The lead up to date nights can be a tense affair, with you freaking out over your dress, your makeup, what you’re going to say, how it’s going to go…

Trust me; it doesn’t have to be all that hard. As long as you’re confident and stride in with that winning personality of yours, your date should go perfectly. And it’s only too easy to feel that confidence when you know you’re looking your very best. You’ll know the date’s going well when they just can’t take their eyes off you. Check out these five essentials that’ll add some sparkle to the night.

1)    The Outfit

The question of what particular outfit would be the sexiest to wear for a night out is one that has haunted the mind of many a woman. There really is no one right answer to this question. It’s important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing if you want to feel truly sexy in your own skin. That said, the little black dress is a classic fashion staple that has yet to fail. Just make sure that whatever you pick out matches your personality and tastes, and not what you think your date is going to like. They are going to be dazzled no matter what your dress preferences are, just so long as you feel comfortable and exude confidence.

2)    The Accessories

Accessories are a great way to jazz up any outfit. Whether you go with designer jewelry or inspired bling, make sure to use your accessories to accentuate your features and highlight your personality. Know your best features and draw attention to them through your ornaments. Draw attention to your eyes with the right earrings, or to your wrists with a well placed designer bracelet. Complement your look well, but make sure the different pieces you wear don’t just end up competing for attention.

3)    The Shoes

Yes, it can be tempting to break out the highest of heels out for a date. But those can get really old really fast if you need to do any walking. Slipping out of the heels to walk barefoot only seems free-spirited in the movies. In real life, well, there’s a reason we wear shoes. The ground can be dirty to walk on, and you could easily injure your feet. However, if you’re still dead set on those heels, you should make room for a pair of ballet flats in your purse or clutch. Foldable flats are a great fashion choice now available to women, since they take up very little space in your bag.

4)    The Perfume

Let’s not forget the power of fragrance when preparing for date night. Scent can be extremely alluring, setting the mood of the date right from the start with the right perfume. In fact, it’s best to select the perfume according to your mood. Feeling flirty? Go for a light, fruity scent. Or are you in a sultry frame of mind? Then pick up a bottle with musk notes for some instant seduction. Woody scents are especially known for their seductive power, so spray with care!

5)    Cufflinks

Ok, so this isn’t an essential meant for you (unless you’re into them!) but do watch out for the presence of cufflinks on your date. These don’t have to be designer or exceedingly formal, but it’s always a good sign to see them in action. Guys don’t generally have to prepare for dates with the same intensive care that women do. Cufflinks, however, are a great signal that they actually put in some thought into their appearance.

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