3 Ways To Attract Your Ideal Partner


There’s not a real formula to finding the ideal relationship, let alone finding the right partner. Everything is a product of a healthy mindset, chance, and being open to the world out there. For some, attracting your ideal partner isn’t exactly a goal, but a consequence of just simply being yourself. Yet for others who are actively looking, it’s never that easy. Some even find the need to consult a dating advice guru to help them out. And there’s nothing wrong with it. We’re all looking for love and somebody to love and being able to find someone you can jive with is a big deal.

If you’re one of those people who are actively looking for a partner, you’re in the right place. Even though there’s no perfect formula to getting your ideal partner, there are certain ways you can do to land a fruitful relationship. Here are 3 ways to attract your ideal partner:

Get Out There

Going out to party isn’t the only way to meet new people. Put yourself out there and socialize. There are so many social activities you can do that interests you and you can start with those. Being an introvert isn’t an excuse to skip socializing. If you love books, look for local book club you can join. If you want to learn new sports, go ahead and join a sports team. It helps to look for activities that happen regularly like monthly or weekly, so you get to recognize people and learn more about them. Forget the idea of being out there to snatch a date. Just be ready to mingle. No harm in gaining new friends!

Now that you’re out, don’t forget to be friendly and approachable. Always be social and conscientious, don’t be rude and sarcastic no matter how much you think you’re right. Always be respectful and don’t forget to relax.

Be Yourself

Being yourself doesn’t mean you have to unleash the inner beast in you. It’s being able to express yourself without offending others and being mindful of how you react to the differences around you. It’s being honest about yourself, your preferences, and being able to stand by them. Going out to socialize entails some level of preparation, and being presentable and trying to look good is part of the job. You want to attract your ideal partner not just by enticing them with your similarities. You want to catch their eye first by looking nice or sociable or by simply emanating a positive aura. Some people just plain scream “don’t come near me” and that’s not your goal.

Don’t Lose Yourself

It’s easy to get smitten by good looks and great fashion sense, but don’t lose yourself in the process. Don’t end up trying to impress the other person by agreeing to everything they say or pretending to be who you’re not. Stay grounded on your values and don’t compromise. It’s one of the things you look for when your goal is for something to last. It doesn’t mean you have to challenge everything they say if it doesn’t align to your thinking. Be open to learning new things but look ahead and discern if there’s a total mismatch in your set of beliefs. One of the best foundations of an ideal partnership is compatibility in terms of values.

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