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The 20 Year Fashion Recycling Trend

Fashion is a funny thing as quite often what you may have thought was so original you later realized was something from the past that’s been slightly updated.  It happens more often than you think and you may even find yourself looking at a particular article of clothing, or an accessory, and realizing it looks very familiar.  What most may not be aware of is that most of the time if a piece of fashion is being re-used it’s usually from about 20 years ago.

Part of the reason for this is because by the 20 year mark enough time has passed that’s it been a while since a particular type of fashion has been in the spotlight, but not so much time that the trends between generations growing up are so radically different that it would be instantly rejected by the public at large.  The 20 year timespan is just enough to ensure that when something is updated it’ll sell.

If you don’t believe it you can take almost anything that’s seen as cutting edge today and compare it to what was around 20 years ago.  One of the best examples happens to be tuxedo trends.  The fashion styles for tuxedos are almost always running like a hamster on a wheel with respect to the 20 year recycling trend.

What you may not realize is that this provides you with a real opportunity to be seen as being on the cutting edge of fashion without having to spend a fortune.  How do you do this? It’s simple enough; by frequenting second hand clothing stores.  The best approach is to take a look at a particular fashion look that you want to emulate, and go to the second hand shop to find the look from 20 years ago which it’s based on.  The cost in price is usually pretty staggering, to the point where you may be in shock at the difference.

Furthermore, you may find through your research of fashion trends from 20 years ago that you may be able to extrapolate what some of the next big things in fashion are going to be.  This won’t come solely from copying the fashion from 20 years ago, but rather looking at how they’re updating it and at what came afterwards when that particular trend fell out of favor.  So if you want to know if popular fashion is going to be become more conservative in terms of its look and function, looking at what happened 20 years ago will definitely give you an idea.

So why are fashion designers so influenced by the trends from 20 years ago?  Well in the case of a young designer coming into his/her own it’s basically something as simple as what they were influenced by while they were growing up.  There also seems to be an ebb and flow in terms from decade to decade.  For example the first decade of this new millennium, the fashion was a bit more colorful, which was in part a reaction to the darker looks in fashion that were seen in the 1990s.  Fashion and popular music have always influenced each other, and if you take a look at the music in the 1990s versus the 2000s the clothing that was in vogue during those decades reflect that.  In the 1980s you had the more colorful pop music versus the darker edge disco scene of the 1970s.  In every case the fashion was a mirror to the music at the time.  This isn’t to say that in the 1990s and the 1970s there was no color at all, but more rather a case that it probably had a greater darker edge to it.

What this means for what’s to come is that we’re likely to see a darkening in terms of fashion looks and trends that we haven’t seen in a while.  Typically in a darker edged fashion decade the first couple years involve the lingering effect of the more colorful influence from the previous 10 years.  However, even in these first couple years you can certainly see a darkening happening.  You may have noticed that many of the celebrities that we saw coming to the forefront over the last thirteen years are all changing the clothes they wear, the way their hair is cut, and the image they project to a harder edge tone.  Miley Cyrus is an example of this trend and fashion will likely to continue in this direction.

Ultimately, knowing that will help give you a sense of empowerment with regards to your own fashion and look, and will allow you to adapt it to what you’re comfortable with.  By doing so you can be a fashion leader instead of a fashion follower and more fully control the impression you want to make.

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