10 Things To Keep In Mind While Upgrading The Lingerie Closet

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Are you tired of wearing those same sets of lingerie over and over again? Is your answer a yes? Then, it is time you take out a little while from your busy schedule and upgrade your lingerie closet.

Fine quality lingerie items may cost you a little. Hence, it is important that you upgrade your lingerie closet wisely so that the effect lasts longer. Here are 10 things that you should keep in mind while upgrading the lingerie closet-

Prepare a list

Lingerie markets are full of wide variety of options. Entering a lingerie store without having a ‘to-buy-list’ may land you into confusions and you will end up buying things that are less useful.

Make some effort to know the trend

Upgrading your lingerie closet seeks a little effort on your part to know what is trending in the lingerie market. Do read blogs, articles or informative write-ups to find out the designs that are in trend. Women’s G-strings, hot pants, horse rider neck bras are few of the lingerie items that are attracting customers widely.

Check your size

The size of your breast and hips tend to change over time. Therefore, whenever you decide to buy any lingerie item, it is extremely important to get your size checked.

Patience is the key to good shopping

Many stores do not allow you to exchange or return lingerie items. So always take your time and ensure you pick only the best products.

Don’t be lazy to try the products out

Crowded trial rooms might often compel you to buy products without giving it a try. However, you should never do this mistake; especially while shopping lingerie items. Lingerie should always be comfortable and fit your body perfectly. The fitting of two bras of the same size, from the same brand, might be different based on their designs.

Shop variety and as per occasion

It is important to own sexy lingerie items in the closet. However, it is equally important to have a few sets with regular fit as well. You should choose your lingerie based on the occasion. For example, women’s G-strings are a good option for a wedding night, honeymoon or during your intimate moments. However, any girl would be more comfortable to wear a basic bikini while going to the office or lazing at home.

Visit the store with a new friend

Visiting a lingerie store with a new friend might help you learn new shopping tricks, explore unknown brands, or try out a new design.

Wait for the sale season

When you decide to upgrade your lingerie closet, you are definitely planning to buy a few sets of lingerie. If the up-gradation is not very urgent; you can wait for the sale season and save a lot on the purchase of the same products.

Decide on the colours you wish to pick

Lingerie items come in a wide variety of bold and attractive colours. Buy lingerie items in basic colours like white, pink, creamy etc., as well as in bold colours like magenta, red, orange, fluorescent etc.

Buy products with multiple utilities

It is important that you by products with multiple utilities. For example, the lingerie you bought for your wedding night should be something that you would love to wear even afterwards. Similarly, if you buy something for a pool party or a beach vacation, think about its long-term utility.

With this list of things, I am sure your lingerie closet up-gradation mission will rock.


Jennifer Saylor
Jennifer Saylor is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a freelance writer. She aspires to help her readers achieve their best style by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

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