About Us

Welcome to Secrets of a Good Girl, your ultimate resource for everything you need to become the envy of all your friends.

Everyone knows that girl who always looks hot, has great stories to tell and just lights up a room with her confidence and personality. Ever wonder what her secret is? Secrets of a Good Girl knows!

The secret to becoming the girl that everyone wonders about and wants to be is staying in the know about the latest in fashion and beauty, what topics people are buzzing about and how to deal with life’s difficult situations. Secrets of a Good Girl was launched in 2012 by Allie Schwartz, a university student at Western Ontario. The purpose was to give women everywhere one place to get all their important information.

At Secrets of a Good Girl, we do the hard work of finding the current trends and posting them here on our site. This way, you can browse our pages and see what’s hot and buzz-worthy. We even offer an Advice section to answer your burning questions about relationships and inner beauty. And, because we know that even good girls have dirty little secrets, we have a true confessions section where you can anonymously post that secret something that you just need to tell to someone.

Our mission at Secrets of a Good Girl is to help you look your best, feel your best and have fun! We’re your number one source for beauty tips, fashion trends, celebrity gossip and the kind of good advice that you wish your friends gave.

Make Secrets of a Good Girl your little secret, and soon, women will be wondering just what your secret is!

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