IMATS 2012 Makeup/Beauty Review

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Total Score


Cost: Make Up Forever Concealer pot: $14, OPI: $6/bottle, China Glaze: $4.50/bottle, 88 Eyeshadow Palette: $15, Crown Studio Pro brushes: $4.50-$5/each, OCC Lip Tars: $12/each
Color: Varies.
Store: Toronto IMATS 2012
Type: Concealer, Nail Polish, Eyeshadow Palette, Brushes, Lip Tars


Fun day, with great deals. An event every makeup lover should attend at least once!


Too many people, too little time.

I had a great time at IMATS. It was super fun and I ended up getting some pretty good deals on a few products. I recommend you all to check it out the next time it comes around to a city near you! Check out the IMATS site!

by Fiona Tang
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Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the 2012 IMATS in Toronto.

What’s IMATS you ask? International Makeup Artist Trade show. This 2-day event is a fun way for makeup artists/lovers/fanatics to come together, share tips, purchase makeup & beauty products and showcase talent!

I ended up purchasing a few products, so I thought I would do a quick review just for you!



The first item I purchased was a Makeup Forever camouflage cream pot. Retailing at $20, I ended up paying $14 tax included. It was a great deal, especially for a Makeup Forever product. The product itself was actually a little disappointing. Unfortunately, due to the huge crowds of buyers, I didn’t get a good look at the correct shade and purchased the cream a few shades too light. Other than that, the formula was very smooth, rich and easy to apply. But personally, I still prefer the texture of my trustworthy Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer.


Left to right are: strumpet (purplish/burgundy red colour), pretty boy (hot matte pink), and trollop (matte coral). 

After hearing and reading numerous “I swear by these” reviews,  I thought i’d give the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars (100% Vegan) a try. Well… let’s just say I LOVE THESE. Due to the lighting, the picture above do not do these products any justice. (So no, i did not buy a neon orange lip tar.)  These lip tars are super pretty, and for the special price of $12 each – retails at 16$, each and every tar will last you forever! You really only need to use a tiny drop and you’ll be set for the entire night without the hassle of reapplying. I bought pretty rich and bold colours, but don’t worry, they have plenty more of shimmery and matte shades too choose from!


The third item I purchased was the 88 metal mania palette. I was just walking by the booth, when the pretty colours caught my eye. I immediately went over and swatched a few colours. For the incredible price of $15, the palette came with 88 dime sized eyeshadows. For the most part, all the colours where all very wearable. Originally, the sales lady informed me they were sold out, but luckily she found a few left sitting around. I literally pulled out my money right away and bought a palette! I definitely recommend any of the 88 colour palettes for anyone wanting to expand their makeup collection – without emptying the piggy bank.


From Crown Brushes’ pro collection, I got 4 brushes for a total of $17. They are nice &  soft and were pretty cheap for about $4 a brush. The only downside was that I washed them once, and I already can spot some deterioration. So the quality could be better, but I expected worst.
Brushes (left to right): Angled eyeshadow brush, C421 Mini Concealer, C409 Angle Definer, C408 Chisel Shader.


Left to right: China Glaze Westside Warrior (olive green), OPI silver shatter, OPI glow it up already (gold sparkles), China Glaze Pool Party (hot neon pink), OPI sweet heart (light-nude pink). 

Last but not least, my last purchase(s) where devoted to my nails! OPI’s where $6 per bottle (other than the silver shatter which was $1.50), while China Glaze came to $4.50/each. The booth was quite crowded, but I had a lot of fun choosing colours and I love all of them! The colours are listed above.

China Glaze “Westside Warrior” and OPI “Glitter Me Already”. 


Final verdict: I had a great time at IMATS. It was super fun and I ended up getting some pretty good deals on a few products. I recommend you all to check it out the next time it comes around to a city near you! Check out the IMATS site here!

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