French Connection Crepe Sequin-Embellished Shorts Review

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French Connection Cupid Shorts Review





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Cost: $98.00
Color: Cupid/Pale Pink
Store: French Connection
Type: Crepe Sequin-Embellished Shorts


The perfect amount of sparkle and super comfy.


Somewhat over priced and pulled at the crotch.

I really loved these shorts! They didn’t itch me like I expected them to, the color was amazing and made me feel more confident. The shorts somewhat pulled at the crotch, which made for some awkward photos. They were kind of expensive, but for the quality of the shorts, the price matched up.

by Secrets of a Good Girl
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IMG 2569m 768x1024 French Connection Crepe Sequin Embellished Shorts Review

Well I can tell you this, my modeling career was over before it started! I am a 5 foot tall grown woman, which means I am blessed with stumpy legs and half a torso for the rest of my life, but who ever said that wasn’t fashionable?

The outfit I am wearing in these photos was for my cousins 25th wine and cheese birthday party. It was a little bit of an older crowd then I am used to and I wanted to make sure my outfit was classy, but still young.

I knew I had to wear these shorts I bought from French Connection, they called my name as soon as I stepped foot into the store!  For those of you who don’t know me, I love everything sparkles… heck, I bleed sparkles. If you check my make-up bag, there isn’t one eyeshadow that doesn’t shine.

Anyways, back to the shorts! The shorts could have been worn in numerous ways, and that explains the difficulty I had in choosing a shirt to complete the outfit. Should it be loose or baggy, black or white, plain or studded? The list went on. After changing multiple times, I settled on a black fitted, one shoulder top from Forever 21. Black dressed the outfit up more than a white top would, a fitted top was more flattering for my body and the studs were just frosting on the cake!

I really loved these shorts! They didn’t itch me like I expected them to and they were a perfect conversation starter at the party. The color was amazing and complimented the little amount of sun my legs saw this summer. Seeing as the shorts were high-waisted, they covered the insecure part of my tummy and loaded me with confidence!

newIMG 2568 768x1024 French Connection Crepe Sequin Embellished Shorts Review

I decided not to wear any accessories with this outfit, there was a lot going on with all the sparkles and studs and it seemed as though accessories weren’t needed.

As with all clothing, there are some flaws. They somewhat pulled at the crotch, which made for some awkward photos. The shorts were $98.00, which I find to be a substantial amount of money, but for the quality of the shorts, the price matched up. Seeing as the shorts were quite memorable, (after all, who could forget all that glitz?) it will be hard to wear them again without everyone noticing. So with regards to the price, it may not be worth it for a one time outfit.

I chose to wear a pair of black wedges with this outfit. They matched the color of my shirt, allowing the shorts to stand out as a huge pop of color! Since summer is coming to an end, I had to embrace the beautiful weather with some open toed shoes.

As for my hair, many Youtube tutorials later, I decided to put my hair in a sock bun to avoid covering up the sequins on my shirt. The sock bun also provided some extra sophistication, whereas hair down would be more casual.

These French Connection crepe sequin-embellished shorts were a great alternative to full-on sparkle, they weren’t too shiny, but just perfect.

I would definitely recommend these shorts! You can buy them here.

Do you love these shorts as well? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Sarah

    Love the outfit. Surprised those shorts dont itch…

  • Sammy

    Where can I get those shoes?

  • Chelsea Oh

    I WANT THOSE SHORTS. Have to go buy them now now now

  • Rachelle Goldspink

    I dont think those shorts should of gotten 4 stars, more like one lol but whattttteva

  • Casey Gazellon

    do they still sell these in stores?

    • Secrets of a Good Girl

      yes they do casey

  • Annie S.

    post anotherrrr outfit.

  • melissa

    love the sock bun